Are you ready to experience one of the most powerful and insightful hours of your life?

Explore what’s in your heart and start to define your Bliss

“Don’t barter away your life for security or you will never find your bliss.”

Joseph Campbell

Heartscaping is a very personal journey, tailored to you

Our heart is the true author of our bliss…

Are you ready to uncover your recipe for a blissful life? Mine is:
IMPACT: What are you yearning for?
BALANCE: Are you feeling like everything is in equilibrium?
FUN: Are you having fun?

The Heartscaping Journey

Uncover the ideas, dreams and big, audacious goals hiding inside your heart.

  • Co-creating personal well-being that blends care for our planet and search for meaning, joy and fulfillment.

  • Blending the art and science of design with powerful coaching to help you get unstuck, map out your ideas and take action!

  • Through guided and creative questions we will uncover exciting insights, resulting in one of the most valuable hours of your life.

  • Let’s jump on a complimentary Zoom call and not only explore, but mindmap, your heart’s message..and Heartscape the new you!

Your Transformation Guide

Michael Hubicki

Heartscape Architect to guide you along your heartscaping journey